Professional Consultants for Law Enforcement Organizations


Police Education, Training, Research and Accreditation

Areas of Consultation



The world of policing is ever growing and evolving, and we’re prepared to assist. We can custom tailor your Field Training programs to maximize the potential of your recruits, while also striving to reduce liability. We can also develop custom educational solutions for your organization that will increase retention and enhance the delivery of services to your community.


Accreditation is one of the main avenues available for organizational enhancement. The cost to staff an effective accreditation management team can be a deterrent to many agencies that are seeking to improve their operations. With our custom solutions we can provide consulting to your accreditation manager, or we can offer more comprehensive services such as full-time accreditation management. We are prepared to conduct full reviews of all policies and procedures, collect evidence of compliance with standards, conduct periodic site inspections, and provide full-time on-site management of public hearings and site visits by your accrediting commission. We specialize in managing the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and Commission for Florida Law Enforcement (CFA) standards.


The way we train our officers is critical to how they interact with the community. Additionally, training reduces injuries, lawsuits, and lost time. Enhance the overall training of your team with our custom solutions. We can train your personnel on your specific policies, or we can train in key high liability areas, such as use of force or defensive tactics. Our experts can custom tailor training, from entry to level to highly advanced and high-risk skills. We are also focused on training your trainers to be more effective, and more aligned with organizational policies and procedures. Don’t just train but train the right way.


The selection of new personnel in policing is one of the most critical aspects of organizational success. We offer tailored solutions to help you recruit and select candidates that will best serve your organization and community. We provide objective, third party evaluations of potential candidates that can help inform the selection process. We believe that the harder you hire, the easier you manage. Let us show you how to improve this important function.


Many agencies intrinsically understand that they need to assess and analyze their operations. The ability to conduct research on daily activities, such as patrol patterns, or to assess the effectiveness of a program or initiative, is not an easy task. Our team of expert researchers are prepared to collect data and provide analysis and recommendations to streamline and enhance your operational practices. Leverage the experience and skills of our team to conduct high level reviews of your strategic initiatives.

Promotion Process

The decision to promote is often one of the main, long term decisions a Chief or Sheriff will make for their organization. The ability to operate an objective, empirically based process that helps determine the readiness of an individual for promotion is key. We can enhance your existing process or develop a custom process that is built to provide the necessary insight for making the best promotional decisions. We understand how labor agreements impact this process and we can develop a promotional process that brings forward the best candidates, while honoring any collective bargaining agreements.